Three of the Twin Peaks Shooters “Accidentally” Released From Jail & The Police Wouldn’t Know a Thug If One Hit Them In The Head With a Baseball Bat


I was going to stay silent on this issue, because frankly, it is going to drain me to write this. But after I heard that three of the shooters involved in the deadly Twin Peaks Shooting were “accidentally” released from jail, I just had to give my three cents.

Yesterday, three of the gang members associated with the Twin Peaks shooting were accidentally released from jail…


Listen. I’ve heard of people accidentally letting the cat out. I’ve heard of people accidentally stubbing their toe on the dining room table. I’ve even heard of people accidentally giving you the wrong order at a restaurant…but accidentally letting THREE very large men out of jail? Nah.

Can you imagine this guy being let out of jail…on “accident”?


I can tell ya right now. It ain’t gon’ happen Captain!

So I’ve been mulling this over for the last 24 hours, and I can’t seem to come to any other other conclusion as to how this major “faux pas” happened. And after thinking about it for a while (2 seconds), I came to the conclusion that it’s because they are white.

And get this! Apparently nobody knows where these men went. They disappeared. LOL.

You know…I’ve had a problem with this case from the very beginning. The media has yet to call this thing what it really is, and judging from the pictures taken after the bloodbath, the perpetrators were allowed to sit around, unbound, lollygagging on their iPhone 6’s, because apparently, it’s just another day in Waco, Texas.

You know what I’m sick of? The pretending. We have a long ass Nile river list of Black men and women who have been victimized by the police for breathing air, and yet, we still have some people who can’t understand what all the fuss is about. This guy gets it.

Remember that time Donald Trump, the President of the United States, and every other person on Twitter called the residents of Baltimore “THUGS”? Well here’s what I think…I think the people who killed Freddie Gray are thugs. I think George Zimmerman is a thug. I think the men who murdered Eric Garner and Mike Brown are thugs.

Tell me, did anyone DIE in Baltimore besides Freddie Gray? Looks like NINE people lost their lives in the parking lot of Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas last week. Who gets to decide who wears the thug label around here?

Watch Soledad Break it Down:

What narrative will the media go with in this case? The police? Will they continue to paint this deadly shooting as a Boy Scouts meeting gone wrong, or will they finally call it like it is? These men were looking for trouble, and they found it. They are trouble makers, menaces to society, and yes, they are thugs.

To add insult to injury, it’s been reported that these men opened fire on police officers when they arrived on the scene.



Remember those 6,345,768,903,210 times the police thought a Black man had a gun and shot them dead before they could even raise their hands above their heads? Oh and…does this ring a bell?


Yet, somehow, people who commit heinous crimes and happen to be WHITE usually get taken in without a scratch. Check out some of the links below.

Chattanooga Woman Goes on Shooting Spree

Man Waves Gun at Police

White Supremacist Goes on Shooting Spree

Aurora Shooter Gets Evaluated

Just for fun, let’s check out some of the racist emails sent by the police officers who get paid to protect and serve us ALL.

Miami Police Play Black Monopoly

Ferguson Police Send Racist Emails

As you all know, these aren’t the first racist emails to be sent around a police department, and they certainly won’t be the last. The problem here is that these people are programmed to believe that Black people, Black men especially, are violent, uncontrollable brutes who need to be tamed, locked behind bars, or put down. The other problem is, they are also trained to believe the complete opposite about white men and women. And based on American history, we know that is simply not true.

I think it’s high time we recognize what’s going on here. The language we use, the narratives we push, the way we view people are a reflection of our country. And if you haven’t gotten that message by now, then maybe you’re a part of the problem.


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