No Violence Rule Enforced on Love & Hip Hop ATL


Let’s be real. The only reason any of us watch reality TV is for the drama. We want to see who’s sleeping with who, who’s wearing what, and who had to get someone together for being so nasty and so rude. Although consumers seem to like the drama, it appears that major advertisers don’t.

From “shaking the table” to throwing shoes at each other, the cast of Love and Hip Hop ATL literally holds no punches. But now, according to TMZ, a strict “no fighting rule” has been enforced. Any members of the cast involved in physical altercations will be CUT…their checks WON’T. They will not be allowed to appear on that particular episode, and could possibly face termination.

Looks like the Puerto Rican Princess is gonna have to put her boxing gloves away. She and Stevie J seem like they’re always ready to whoop SOMEONE’s ass…including each others.


What do you think about the new rule? Is it a good idea?


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