Mos Def and Zoe Kravitz Are Dating


Wondering where Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) has been? Well it looks like he’s been all up in Zoe Kravitz’s face…a pretty face, I  might add. The daughter of Lisa Bonet and rockstar Lenny Kravitz, Zoe has been getting a lot of press lately, due to her role in the new coming of age film Dope. But now, she’s in the headlines for a different reason….her dating life.

Recently, the 26 year old celeb has been seen out and about with 41 year old rapper Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def. The two look pretty comfortable together.


I can imagine that these two have very deep conversations, eat plenty of veggies, take the time to align their chakras, say “Peace” when they great people, and smoke plenty of weed. I basically want to be them.


I’m glad to see Mos back on the seen though. He had gone off to South Africa for a while. In an interview with Beats By Dre, he explained why he decided to leave the States.

“As an artist and as a human being, working in the way that I work in the world today,” he said. “It’s really America’s a very challenging place for me. Sure, there’s great business opportunities, familiarity and all that. But given the current social, political, economic climate, it’s very difficult. Unnecessarily difficult. To create to the degree of fullness, the type of robust, type of creativity that I like to have, it’s very difficult for me to produce that here. “Earth is a very big and open place. That doesn’t mean I don’t value my family or my audience here in America. It’s just that I needed to take some time to put myself in environments where I felt good.”

For those of you who may be wondering if Bey will be putting out any new music, the answer is “Yes.” Word on the street is that he’s working on a project now. Kanye West is rumored to have something to with it, so of course, we should expect nothing but greatness.

“What people are gonna hear from me now, or in the future, is much different than what they heard in 1999 or even what they heard in 2009… I’m different, the times are different, my skill level is different: it’s more enhanced, because I’ve had so much time and opportunity to do it and get better at it,” he said. “The writing process has become positively slower. Not in the sense that it’s harder for me to come up with material, but that I find myself these days spending more time on one piece. ”

Take all the time you need King. You’re still one of the dopest in the game! And you may be with Zoe, but you still have my heart! LOL

FullSizeRender(54)(Me & Mos 10+ Years Ago after bumping into him in Canada)


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