Elle Varner Returns…As a Rapper?


So today in news I wasn’t expecting…Elle Varner dropped a diss record. I’m late as hell because I had no idea that this cutie pie was beefing with K. Michelle. It’s no surprise being that K. Michelle will beef with your granny if you let her.

Via Instagram, K called Elle “thirsty” implying that she needed a “refill” in response to a pic of her and rapper Meek Mill all hugged up. K. Michelle stated in an interview with Hot 97 that she had a crush on Meek and because she and Elle were friends, she knew that. Chile…Apparently this is a “Clap Back” record addressing everything that’s been going on in her life up until now. The record doesn’t directly address K, but I can think of a line or two in the song that might apply. Take a listen below.



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