Jay-Z Says Black People Don’t Support Black Business-Tidal



Jay-Z’s tired of being politically correct. He’s offically fed up with you Negative Nancy’s and Pessimistic Patties. Jigga went off at a concert the other day, to let everybody know exactly how he feels about the lack of support for Tidal. And of course, I 100% agree with him.

When Jay-Z initially launched Tidal, y’all couldn’t wait to shoot it down. So concerned about him and Bey’s bank account, that you couldn’t focus on the product, itself.

“I ain’t payin’ them a DIME,” some of you proudly announced via social media. Just so loud, wrong and bitter.

At an exclusive concert for Tidal subscribers, Jay-Z put his feelings about the lack of support to a beat. “I feel like YouTube is the biggest culprit. Them n–gas pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get. You know n–gas die for equal pay, right? You know when I work I ain’t your slave, right?”

Check it out below. Let me know what you think.

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