The “King of Blues” Dies at the Age of 89


I am sad to report that the undisputed “King of Blues” has gone on to glory. B.B. passed around 9:40 PM last night, in his Las Vegas home. King had been suffering from health complications due to diabetes, and unfortunately, he could no longer fight.


The Mississippi native began performing in the 1940’s, and he’s been on the go ever since. Up until last year, King was doing about 100 shows a year. Talk about passion!

During his time on this earth, B.B. King gave us hit after hit. With a career spanning over six decades, the legendary musician earned a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and won a whopping 15 Grammys. Basically, he has far too many accomplishments to name. There is no doubt that King has made an indelible mark on history. His death reminds me of how many greats we’ve lost over the years, and frankly, I’m scared about where the state of music is headed. He willy truly be missed.


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