Lil Kim Has a New Reality Show & Dammit, I’m GLAD


I really love Lil’ Kim. Like, a lot. It broke my heart when she started changing her face, and adding body parts and such. It hurt even more when Nicki Minaj came on the scene and everybody started acting like Lil’ Kim didn’t exist. Let’s be clear.

Everybody needs to pay homage to the ones that came before them. That’s the problem with our generation. Everybody thinks they were the first to do something.

lilkimhardcore nicki2

KimNickiSkirt candykim

Let’s not forget who started this. Baby, this is the ORIGINAL.

kim kim2

When’s the last time YOU had a Chanel wig?




No shade to Nicki…she does what she does. But I think people need to tap into their memory banks and act like they know, is all I’m saying. Anyways, I’m super excited to announce that Kim is finally back…With a Reality Show! That’s right! Kim figured out that y’all don’t like real no more so she’s hopping on the reality TV bandwagon to give you the drama you’re looking for. She knows that’s where the money is, and I ain’t mad! The show will be appropriately titled Queen Bee. Check out the announcement:



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