The Internet Reacts to George Zimmerman Being Shot


Remember George Zimmerman…the guy that shot an unarmed teenager, and essentially got away with murder? Yea, him. Well it appears that he’s been shot in the face. Zimmerman was shot in Lake Mary when he got into an altercation with a man by the name of Matthew Apperson. According to, the shooting was the result of an ongoing incident between the two men.

Usually, when people get shot, it illicits feelings of sympathy, shock or sadness. Well none of those feelings made an appearance today for George Zimmerman…at least not on Twitter.

LOL I think it’s pretty clear that most people agree that George Zimmerman is a menace to society…more of a menace than Trayvon Martin could have ever been. I also think it’s safe to say that nobody feels bad about him getting shot. I mean…there were those people who were all like…”Shame on you for celebrating someone getting shot.” And to them I say…



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