NeNe Breaks Down at The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion



We all know that the Housewives know how to bring the drama, but I must say, I wasn’t expecting everything that went down last night! Quite unexpectedly, Ms. NeNe Leakes, the self proclaimed Queen Bee of the show, had a nervous breakdown onstage. Honestly, it was really painful to watch.

I’ll confess, when NeNe first started crying, I didn’t know whether to cry with her, or roll my eyes really hard. NeNe has been known to be over the top. But when the star began to shake uncontrollably, I came to the conclusion that this might be the real thing. Leakes was escorted off the stage, with all the girls (except for Kenya, Kandi and Claudia) in tow.

Kandi didn’t seem to give two sh*ts about what was happening with NeNe. She looked confused the entire time, stating that she didn’t understand why NeNe was upset. I even saw homegirl check her manicure as NeNe began to hyperventilate.

After some coaching backstage from her husband Greg, and her ex-bestie, Cynthia, NeNe was able to make her way back to the set. In the end, Leakes and her arch nemesis Claudia even took the time to take a selfie!


Wow! I guess therapy really DOES work! Check out the scene HERE!



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