KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Attends Cutting It in the ATL Press Luncheon


So you guys know I absolutely LOVE some good reality television. And lucky for me (and you) WE TV is launching a new Atlanta based reality show, called “Cutting It in the ATL.” This show highlights the lives of five experienced stylists who are giving each other a run for their money. I had the opportunity to attend the “Cutting It” press luncheon today, and we had a little bit of girl talk.



(Maja Sly, Mushiya, Beautii J, LaKenya, Dedra)

First of all, the season premiere was great. I was definitely on the edge of my seat the entire time. You guys won’t be disappointed. Now, let me introduce you to the ladies, for those of you who aren’t familiar.

Beautii J-Beautii is the owner of Spoiled Opulence salon here in Atlanta

Maja Sly-Owner of Walk in Weaves and Pretty Hair

Dedra-Owner of Jdoah Salon

Mushiya-Owner of Damn Salon

LaKenya-Stylist at Jdoah Salon

Most of the ladies had different stories about how they ended up on the show. Here’s what Maja Sly had to say:

“It was an interesting story. I think most everyone had been cast…and there was a show dynamic. I don’t know…someone found me. I think my face was everywhere, and they were like, ‘Ok what is she doing? How is she doing that?'”

Mushiya, who is very animated, and pretty damn hilarious said that “Cutting It” also found HER.

“Cutting it in the ATL found Mushiya, OK? I was quite excited, actually, because it was a bigger platform for me to share my excitement about natural hair. Plus, you need a face like me, right?”

When asked why she thought Atlanta was so unique, and were such leaders in the hair industry, Maja said that she thinks it’s a part of the culture.

“I came from a traditional salon. But the salon I’m at now is very specific, we only do hair extensions, but as you can see from this cast we have all kinds of stylists. I think Atlanta is very unique, because if you’re Black and you want to do anything…you move to Atlanta, because you can afford to live in Atlanta, and you can make your dreams come true and not starve. But as far as the hair game, it’s always been like that in Atlanta, since the 70’s, they’ve always been trendsetters in the South.”

Although the ladies were all very pleasant to us, and each other, (for the most part), as expected with any reality show, there was drama. When asked if they were afraid of how they’d be portrayed, Mushiya says “absolutely not.”

“First of all, I’m not afraid of anything. I own up, and I think everybody here should own up to everything we said and everything we did. So I’m not afraid because, I think the one thing different about this show, as you guys have seen, is that it is one of the only shows that shows the business aspects of women. We’re not just house b*tches who aren’t married…talking about Housewives. We’re really women doing our business. So that’s a big deal for the show. Women have emotions. The show depicts real life. So I’m actually very proud of it. Drama is real life. It comes with it. You can never have four women in a place, especially some like myself and not have some drama.”

Dedra, who seemed more reserved than the other ladies had a very different take. She says that how she would be portrayed on the show really worried her.

“For me I was worried about the drama. I patterned by business on being professional. So when I’m on there acting a certain way, I kind of look at myself like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ But what I realized is, when you’re around a certain type of people, you can act a certain way. So I had to own up and say, that’s why I don’t deal with a certain type, so I don’t have to act a certain way. I try to keep my business professional. I try to make sure the women I hang around are a certain way, so that you don’t see that side of Dedra.”

SPOILER ALERT: We DID see that side of Dedra on the show! Lol

One of the topics that kept coming up throughout the premiere was Maja’s $50 hair weave business. Many of the women expressed that they thought the concept was rather…tacky. When I asked her how she felt about that, she responded like only Maja could.

“They’re just mad, the hate is REAL. That’s the question I get all the time. It’s 50 dollars? That ain’t got nothin’ to do with you. You ain’t my customer. I’m not here to service you. If you don’t think that what he have is for you, then it’s not for you. Our weaves START at 50 dollars, they go up to $150. I didn’t really care what my competition said. Their clients were coming to me, because they could no longer afford to pay $300 for a service. So when I created my business, it was for that reason. It was for the consumer who wanted to look good, on their budget, because I believe that all women should feel beautiful on whatever budget you have. We’ve done 80,000 weaves. How many did you do?”

Yikes! Way to put things in perspective. You better have those stats girl!

Like Mushiya mentioned earlier, this is really all about business. Beautii J says she loves being the face of her business. She thinks it’s super important for any business woman.

“In business, it’s all about branding yourself. I’m the face of my business. If you know about Spoiled Opulence, you know about Beautii J. Team Beautii…Team Beautii J. So I think that me being the face of my business is great, because my face is pretty. I mean, I’m not being conceited, it’s just a joke, but it’s true. And everyone on the panel knows. So I just think branding yourself and being the face of your business is number one, all the time, because nobody can sell your business as you do.”

All of the ladies were very opinionated, and most of them made it clear that they were either motivated by family, friends, or their passion for their craft. LaKenya noted that she was motivated not only by her passion, but by her clients as well. She even teared up when she spoke.

“What motivates me is my clients. Going from salon to salon, I feel like my clients believe in me more than I do, so they motivate me. I just recently lost a client and it felt like I lost a family member. So just to build that relationship with a client, and know that they’re looking at you like, you’re doing me a favor, you’re making me feel good, like I can take the world. And they’re making me feel that same way.”

That’s pretty dope. She seems like a really genuine young lady. I just hope this industry (entertainment industry) doesn’t eat her alive. She’s seems a little TOO nice! But either way, all of the women were great. Full of energy, and definitely perfect for reality TV.

Personally, I think the breakout stars will be Beautii J, Maja Sly and Mushiya. But, of course, as with anything, only time will tell!



Cutting It in the ATL premieres Thursday, May 21st at 10/9 c on WE TV. Make sure you tune in, because these ladies “Don’t Take CLIP From Anyone!”


2 thoughts on “KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Attends Cutting It in the ATL Press Luncheon

  1. Thank you for attending WEtv Media Day “Cutting it in the ATL”. Beautii J appreciates you interviewing her as well as the other cast mates. She had a great time and love the ambiance of the entire event. Also, we would love to invite you to our upcoming viewing party on May 21, 2015. If you would love to come, you can email us back and we will be delighted to give you more details.

    We’d love to see you again and I hope you keep Beautii in mind for future plans and we will do the same on our end.

    Warm regards,


    Talent Manager

  2. The only pretty one is the lady with the very short hair. She reminds me of Halle Berry. The other women just look so “blah.”

    The producers couldn’t find any beautiful stylists in Atlanta? Surely there must be one or two.

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