President Obama Makes Huge Step In the Right Direction for Young Black Men in America


President Obama has faced his fair share of criticism during his tenure. It seems like he’s gotten more backlash than any President to date. I think it’s important to highlight the things that Mr. Obama has been doing right while in office. According to, the President recently launched his “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance” initiative, and things are going well.


In front of a packed house at Lehman University’s Apex Center, President Barack Obama announced the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. Amid the huge disparity in opportunity for millions of boys and young men of color (in comparison with White males, as young girls of color face similar disparities), the My Brother’s Keeper initiative was created to assist leading businesses into taking steps to tailor their diversity and talent strategy of hiring male POC.

Is this not great news?


With commitments to date totaling over $80 million, MBK Alliance will start by developing a comprehensive guide to mobilize the private sector in addressing key obstacles facing young men of color. They’ll also disperse up to $7 million in grants to programs and organizations with proven, innovative intervention programs and create a $15-25 million grants competition to reward up to nine communities with $3 million to build local infrastructure and capacity.

Wow! Just another prime example of how much our President “gets” it.


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