Baltimore Police Launch #MyLifeMatters Social Media Campaign


As if the Baltimore police hadn’t done enough, they’ve decided to throw salt in everybody’s wounds by launching a campaign that mocks the #BlackLivesMatter movement. #BlackLivesMatter started in response to police brutality against Black people in America. Essentially, it was a form of peaceful protest against a system that had been everything but peaceful towards them. Now, weeks after the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore police, officers have decided to push the tackiest and most untimely campaign yet: #MyLifeMatters

Yea…so this didn’t go over very well on social media with most people. Although some seemed like they were down for the cause. What do you think about these cop’s new movement? Tacky or nah?



One thought on “Baltimore Police Launch #MyLifeMatters Social Media Campaign

  1. This is ridiculous. It pisses me off. You take a campaign that was meant to support a people targeted so obviously by racism an make it about you? *angrily logs off before the comment gets inappropriate *

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