Somebody’s Acting a Fool in Chris Brown’s Home…And It Ain’t Him


Just when we were tired of hearing about Karrueche and Chris Brown’s baby in the news, we finally got wind of a story we were interested in. Somebody’s stalking Breezy and she ended up in his bed last night.

According to TMZ, a 21 year old crazy lady broke into Chris’ house and made herself at home. Not only did ol’ girl spray paint “MRS. BROWN” on the singer’s Rolls Royce and Range Rovers, but she also spray painted the kitchen counter with the words, “I love you.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Ms. Fatal Attraction ate up all his food and left the dishes in the sink. According to reports, the woman left a trail of clothes in Chris’ foyer and made herself comfortable in his bed…naked. Because what turns a man on like breaking into his home, spray painting his very expensive cars, and eating up all his damn food?

The woman was booked and charged with a number of things. Chris posted this photo to his IG page:




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