PETA Has Had it With Kim Kardashian


Y’all PETA just will NOT leave Kim Kardashian alone. It’s like everywhere the girl turns, PETA is there yelling at her or throwing flour in her hair. But yesterday at Kim’s book signing PETA REALLY tried it. They walked up on Kimmy and confronted her…and of course, it was all caught on tape.

Hmmmm…I will say, I love how Kim is VERY unbothered by the whole thing. Mrs. Kardashian West gave a side eye and just kept on signing those books. She won’t let anything stand in between her and that dollar dollar bill. I mean, this is America, people are free to protest about whatever they want, but sometimes I feel like PETA gets more of a kick out of harassing Kim K than they do about actually “saving” animals. Hell, half the time, Kim K is naked, so I don’t understand why PETA continues to follow her around.


Well…she still wears fur when she’s naked, but STILL…leave the woman alone!


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