Some Drama Happened at the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo…I Was There

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So I attended the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo over the weekend, and just when I was all excited about so many women coming together without drama, I get wind of some nastiness between two of the biggest shade queens known to entertainment…NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams.


Both Nene and Auntie Wendy were scheduled to speak at the expo. Nene was scheduled for 1 PM and Wendy for 1:30 PM. When it was time for NeNe to speak to the women and be all empowering and such, she got onstage and threw some major shade Wendy’s way. According to sources, the shade was really for Wendy’s husband, who Nene says was causing a scene backstage. She explained what happened to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live:

“I didn’t see Wendy or her husband today but a lot happened backstage with her husband, I heard. Just because I was on stage, he went completely crazy, I heard.”

Giiiirrrllll. Now, NeNe and Wendy have a history of bad blood due to some Birkin bag beef.

But apparently, Auntie Wendy didn’t appreciate how everything went down at the expo, because she left in a huff.



Aside from that, I did actually do some pretty cool stuff. I got to taste Tiny’s (T.I’s wife) Tequila. It was DELICIOUS.


THEN I got my makeup done…and found a new product that I LOVE.


And then I learned that I don’t have to wear tampons OR pads…but that I can use THIS!


(Her Gem Menstrual Cup)

In case you’re wondering…I’ll never use this, but I thought it was kinda cool.

Anywho…a good day all in all. I just hope Wendy, NeNe and Wendy’s husband can fix their weird love/hate triangle.



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  1. (or confessed), I am pscyhed for the Mindy Project recommendation. I also just starting watching Girls from your recommendation awhile back and am totally hooked. I’m a little behind- I know, but hoping with your help to catch up fast!

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