Mayweather Will Relinquish All Belts Today


After winning the Fight of the Century on Saturday, Mayweather has decided to relinquish all of his belts. After defeating Pacquiao, it seems that Mayweather feels he has nothing left to prove.

Mayweather has never lacked confidence, calling himself better than Sugar Ray Leonard AND Muhammad Ali. If you ask me, he went a little too far with that statement. I believe every athlete should be confident, but…some things, you just don’t say. Ali’s response?

I’ve always liked Mayweather. I agree that he’s one of the best to ever do it. But I kinda lost respect for him when I saw him do this:


That’s right. He’s burning money. He’s done this several times, and I’m just not feeling it. I wonder what ol’ boy beside him was thinking?

Floyd, 38, now has an impressive record of 48-0. However douchey Mayweather seems, and regardless of what I have to say about him, it appears that he’s giving up his titles out of the goodness of his heart.

Let’s be honest, if I could make $180,000,000 a fight, I’d give up my titles too. In the broad scheme of things, they don’t really matter to Floyd. It’s the money that he’s after. I mean, he is the ringleader of TMT (The Money Team). What do you think about Floyd’s decision? What does it mean for the sport of boxing? Talk back.


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