Man Who Filmed Harassment of Freddie Gray Has Been Arrested at Gunpoint

The biggest gang in America has now arrested the man responsible for filming Freddie Gray’s arrest. According to the The Independent, Kevin Moore was arrested in his home last night, at gunpoint. He was arrested along with two other members of Cop Watch, an organization dedicated to filming and documenting police in action.

This is another method of police intimidation, and this is the very reason the Baltimore protests happened in the first place. Police officers who feel that they are above the law ignited this movement. Now, they are trying to destroy anyone and everyone who has the balls to stand up against them. As an officer, who is doing what they SHOULD be doing on the job…why do you fear being taped while on duty? What are you doing that is inappropriate or illegal? Why is someone filming you at work a threat to you? I think we all know the answer to that. Free Kevin Moore! This man is not a criminal, he is a hero!



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