Ain’t No Fun When the Rabbit Got the Gun: President of Baltimore’s Fraternal Order of Police Writes Open Letter to Marilyn Mosby

gene ryan

Oh HELL no! I just got wind that Gene Ryan, President of Baltimore City’s Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #3 thought it appropriate to draft an open letter to Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby today. In the letter, he asks Mosby to reconsider her position in the Freddie Gray case. To THAT, I say, HELL no.

I get the feeling that Mr. Ryan is basically saying, “Can we get someone in here that WE know so that everything can be business as usual?” See, the issue here is that they know they don’t stand a chance. For far too long, “buddies” have been getting their “buddies” out of tight situations. Today, that is no more. Today, justice will prevail. And in the immortal words of my dear father, “Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.”


“Each of the officers is sincerely saddened by Mr. Gray’s passing,” Ryan says in the letter.


Read the full letter below (Click on image):



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