Black Bodies Hung From Trees in the Midst of Freddie Gray Protests


There’s still unrest in Baltimore after Freddie Gray’s death. If you haven’t been following the news, or simply just need a break form being inundated with images of Black lives lost at the hands of the police, I completely understand.

Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who died from a spinal cord injury while in police custody, was laid to rest today at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore. Since his death, protestors have been in the streets, day in and day out, seeking justice. Some protests have turned destructive.

But I guess that’s to be expected when a community is fed up. Like they say, “no justice, no peace”…

Sadly enough, the images like the ones above, we’ve grown used to seeing. We’ve almost become desensitized. But the image below is different. It sends a chill up my spine. It’s a reminder of how far we have to go.

Today in West Baltimore…

Update: The images shown above depict artwork by Baltimore artist, Loring Cornish. I searched the #LoringCornish hashtag on Instagram, and was able to find other stirring images like this one. His work is obviously prompting a lot of conversation, and is quite provocative. Loring Cornish is a middle aged Black man. 


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