Going to Ikea? Prepare to Ruin Your Relationship


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As I was eating my bowl of oatmeal this morning, and watching my favorite obsession, the Today Show, I was confronted with some horrible news. Apparently, I can never go to Ikea with my boyfriend for as long as we live.

Yep. The thrill I get from buying super cheap Swedish stuff can now only be enjoyed by my lonesome. According to a clinical psychologist by the name of Ramani Durvasula, Ikea is your relationship’s worst nightmare. It seems that walking past fake nurseries, kitchens and bedrooms can really set some people off.

“The store literally becomes a map of a relationship nightmare,”she told the Wallstreet Journal.

Well, I don’t know about that, as I’ve never had the experience of shopping with my current BF at Ikea. However, I HAVE had the horrific experience of putting Ikea furniture together…well watching it be put together, and that’s enough to start an argument in itself.

Listen, I don’t think couples should stop shopping at Ikea. That would be ridiculous. And where else would you get champagne glasses for less than a pack of gum? I say, just go in with a goal in mind, and get the hell out. Remind your partner that you love them no matter how much their taste in bedding sucks. I think if you do that, you’ll survive any and all Ikea trips with your mate from this point forward. Or….this could happen.



One thought on “Going to Ikea? Prepare to Ruin Your Relationship

  1. I have to say from my own experiences with my hubby, this is true. We bought our 1st home about a year ago. We decided to get our girls a new dresser. Yes a simple dresser caused us to contemplate divorce. Lol. We agreed we wanted natural wood something basic that the girls could paint and make their own. Our problem, was we couldn’t decide on what type of natural wood. Then we had to write down the code and go on a hunt. It was just stressful because, I’m thinking he doesn’t value my opinion or feelings and why are we married if he doesn’t think of me as an equal it was just crazy over something little.

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