Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s Blames Boyfriend for Her Sister’s Suicide


Titi Branch’s unexpected death last December was a devastating blow to all those who knew her personally, and those of us who knew of her, thanks to the multi-million dollar brand she built from the ground up. Miss Jessie’s, the super popular natural hair care line, has garnered much success nationwide, and continues to grow. However, Titi is no longer here to enjoy the benefits of her hard work, as the Queens native hung herself in her Midtown apartment on December 4th of 2014.

When the story of Titi’s suicide broke, the details surrounding the case were extremely sketchy. Nobody really knew why Titi had decided to take her life that day. But now, several months later, Miko Branch, Titi’s sister and business partner, says she knows exactly who’s responsible for her sister’s tragic death.

Miko claims that Anthony Spadafora, Titi’s boyfriend at the time was at the root of everything. According to the NY Post, Miko says that Titi, 45, was under Spadafora’s “Svengali-like spell.” She also says that he isolated her from her family, manipulated her and treated her like a “human ATM.”

According to the NY Post, Spadafora held Titi’s computer hostage, extracted thousands of dollars from Titi to start a beard-care line, and only days after her death, sent her family members emails stating that Titi had given him 50 percent of everything in her will.

According to Miko, Titi wanted to ended the relationship after she found out that Spadafora had made sexual advances towards her trainer, but she thought twice after Anthony threatened her with compromising photos he’d taken of her.


(Titi Branch, Anthony Spadafora, Miko Branch)

Apparently, Titi was also trying desperately to have children, but after several rounds of in-vitro fertilization, and no luck, she became even more depressed.

Spadafora has another story, according to the NY Post. He says that Titi’s death is Miko’s fault. He claims that growing tensions between the sisters is what actually caused Titi to take her life, referring to Miko as the “Brooklyn Bully.”

This story is incredibly sad, but even more so, it’s incredibly fishy. There is something going on behind that scenes that has yet to be revealed. All I can say is, I hope everything comes out in court. What a terrible way for Titi’s story to end. Sending her family our condolences.


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