Bronx Bride Arrested After Being Caught With 10 Husbands

Had to share this story from because it is TOO FUNNY.


A woman from NYC walked down the aisle again, and again and again, since 1999 without ever getting divorced — and is only now just getting caught! Liana Barrientos wed 10 different men in 11 years and was recently arrested when authorities began an investigation into her most recent 2010 marriage.

The Bronx district attorney’s office tells the Associated Press that Barrientos, 39, was arraigned on Friday, April 10, for two counts of felony fraud charges. Two of her marriage licenses were obtained in the Bronx and the rest were signed in Westchester County, New York and Long Island.

Authorities have yet to uncover why the Dominican Republic native opted for bigamy rather than divorce. In court, Barrientos pleaded not guilty and apparently started to brush her hair mid-trial.

What’s even crazier is the lady used her REAL social security number on each marriage license. She faces up to four years if convicted.
Now, ladies, is it just me, or do we wanna know WHAT she’s doing to these men? Maybe she needs to teach a class or somethin’ because some women are struggling to get ONE man to marry them, let alone 10! I don’t know whether to chastise her or congratulate her!

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