The 20 Year Old Who Wrote Rihanna’s #BBHMM: Meet BiBi Bourelly


Rihanna’s super hit “B*tch Better Have My Money” (#BBHMM) has exploded on to the music scene, and I for one, can’t get enough of it. While people like Rihanna and Kanye get all the credit when a song tops the charts, it’s relatively easy to forget about the people who actually WRITE the songs…well at least it is for me. But when I came across this article by one of my favorite outlets, VICE, it was obvious that we needed to know more about Bibi Bourelly. She’s quite intriguing.

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Hi Bibi! Where are you?
I’m in… [silence] LA. That was hard for me to say for some reason.

Whenever I start talking at the moment, it feels like I’m beginning to say the words “Bitch better…”
Awesome! Well, it’s an important line… Cos niggas don’t be having yo’ money.

How did you write that song?
We were just vibing with Deputy in one of the local studios I record out of. It was back when I was into writing to beats, which I don’t do anymore. He played me it, I went in and started saying something like “BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!”, because I was feeling ratchet that day. We got that shit done in three hours, then Dep went home and worked on it some more. It came out the way it did, and people seemed to like it.

It always bends my mind when I hear about massive tracks that were written in less than half a day.
An hour can change your life. I’ve only been in the industry for a year and a half, so it’s even more crazy for me. It’s weird, but I just feel lucky. All of this shit happened so fast. I am grateful.

So you were commissioned specifically to write this song for Rihanna?
Hmm, we actually wrote it for fun because we thought lets try to write a song for Rihanna. We had no idea she would actually ever hear it or do it, we just decided. It took us forever to get it to her, and when she did hear it, she thought it was cool. I’m an artist first and foremost you see? The only songwriting projects I’ve ever had are Rihanna. And, to be honest, she’s the only person I really cared about writing for. She liked my songs and the things I was doing, because I love to make music. And she picked them.

So what’s your story Bibi? I feel like a lot of people are gonna want to know.
My dad is a professional musician. I grew up with bass players from Senegal and Ghana in my kitchen talking about conspiracy theories. I got to tour with my dad at an early age too. So it’s in my genes. It’s what I do. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to. I always have. I’ve written songs for sixteen years, and I’m 20. It’s my way of communicating.

Am I right in thinking you were actually born in Berlin?
Yeah, I’m German. Berlin is who I am. Berlin is my music, the way I dress, the way I talk. I grew up running around the subways and streets of that city. Tagging, listening to cool music, sitting on the rooftops of abandoned buildings and not going home enough. Then I got in trouble and went to America.

What kind of trouble?
I was about to fail fucking high school, I had to go to summer school, and I didn’t graduate on time. I was that kid who was fucking belligerent. I was not ever trying to be there, because I realised at a certain age that I knew myself, better than a lot of other kids my age did. I knew what I loved – in fact, fuck what I loved – I knew what defined me, and that was music. I said fuck school, and I packed my bags in Berlin and moved to LA. I said I was gonna do it, I was gonna do music, and I did it. A year later, I have a Rihanna single.

Wow. That’s dope. She’s dope. I know we’ll be hearing more form her soon! Also check out her Instagram page @bibibourelly It’s a cool as she is.


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