10 Moments That Rocked at #BlackGirlsRock


“Saying we rock is a response to our neglect.” That’s a quote from #BlackGirlsRock founder and executive director Ms. Beverly Bond. Bond, a visionary and social innovator has changed the game in more ways than one. Noted as one of the most influential DJ’s and trendsetters of our time, Bond is now taking the world by storm by empowering not only Black youth, but also Black women with BGR!. In 2010, Beverly Bond partnered with BET to share her BLACK GIRLS ROCK! vision with the rest of the world, and last night, we had the pleasure of taking part in the experience! Here are my top 10 moments that ROCKED from BGR!

1.Erykah Badu thanks Mother Nature during her acceptance speech

During her acceptance speech for her Rock Star award, Mama Badu declared that she wanted to thank her five mothers. Among her birth mother, her grandmother and her godmother, Badu also wanted to thank Mother Nature. So dope. So Badu.



2.Janelle Monae gives us sexy

There are many ways to give sex appeal. I think Janelle Monae has mastered the art of being sexy, while leaving a little…well a LOT to the imagination. Typically covered from head to toe, for this awards show, Janelle revealed what she’s been hiding under those black and white suits…A BODY OF A GODDESS! While Janelle has always been sexy in my book, I’m soooo glad she’s finally embracing a new style! Look at her!

2015 Black Girls Rock! - Arrivals


3.Will Smith’s Speech

After 20 years of marriage, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith have managed to keep their relationship hot and steamy. Last night, Will Smith, in his speech, before presenting his wife with the Star Power award, reminded us why they’ve been together for so long. Tears.


4.70’s Jam Session

Sooooo…I literally had a dance party in my undies when this happened. Cheryl Lynn, Alicia Myers and Kathy Sledge lit that stage on FIRE! This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the show! Between “We are Family” and “Got to Be Real”, these ladies almost took me out!



5.Cicely Tyson says “If you can be Black and live in this world, you can be anything you want to be!” Yaaaassss grandma Tyson! You better tell it like it T-I IS! But also, was Ms. Cicely not SLAYING in this outfit of hers??



6.Willow Smith’s facial expressions

I like Willow. I think she’s interesting. There seems to be a lot going on in that little head of hers all the time. Last night, when BGR! aired, it seemed like every time the camera guy got a shot of young Smith, she was nodding her head, with her eyes closed and clapping her hands. She seemed to be in agreement with whatever was being said, all the time. And I’m cool with that. Unfortunately, nobody’s created a cool gif yet, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was QUITE entertaining. But in case you missed it, here’s a pic of the whole family looking as stunning as a family could possibly look.

2015 Black Girls Rock! - Arrivals



7.Tracee Ellis Ross staying fully committed to her “T-Murda” character

So I don’t know if you guys know this, but aside from being incredibly funny, a great actress, having enviable hair, a great bod, and not to mention being the daughter of the legendary Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross is also a rapper. Well not really, but she is on Instagram. She’s coined the name T-Murda, and she’s finally taken her show on the road, showcasing her skills at Black Girls Rock! last night. Check out her grill.



8.Nadia Lopez PREACHING during her acceptance of the Change Agent Award


Let me tell you something. I live for Principal Nadia Lopez. I first heard about Ms. Lopez via Humans of New York, a super cool blog that sheds light on different social issues, while highlighting individuals and their experiences. I even wrote a piece on her and one of her students, Vidal. Ms. Lopez is the personification of education. She is the epitome of a teacher. She is the standard of excellence. She is making a difference. Her selflessness is admirable. She says, “I opened a school to close a prison.” She then asks, “What are you doing with God’s gift?” Yes! Yes! Yes!


9.Michelle Obama whispering to Beverly Bond, “I’m so proud of you”

10.Seeing young girls, and young ladies being honored by Black Girls Rock for their ideas, their inventions, their service, for their ambition. After all, THAT’S what the show is all about!


Way to go Beverly Bond. YOU Rock!


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