Why Yandy’s Decision to “Change Her Name” Is a Sign of the Times


As some of you  may well know, the Love and Hip Hop franchise is one of my very guilty pleasures. I watch it. I think it’s entertaining…and who doesn’t need a little ratchet TV in their lives every now and again? So in last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, Yandy, a certified PR pro and perpetual baby mama to “Big Mendeecees”, as she calls him, decided to “change her name” at the baby shower, just prior to her giving birth to Mendeecees’ second child.

At the ceremony, Yandy professed her love to her boyfriend, and his child, and went on to “sign her life away.” The documents she signed would allow her to legally change her name from Yandy Smith to Yandy Harris. Her reasoning? She didn’t want to be the only one in the family who didn’t have that last name.

As I watched last night’s episode, I couldn’t help but be a bit disturbed.

Yandy…I love you boo. I really do. You handle your business, you’re kind (for the most part), and you love your family. But I gotta ask…how you just gonna CHANGE your name? Let’s be honest-that’s the man’s job. I’d like Mendeecees to propose to you. I’d like you all to get married, and THAT’S how I want you to become a “Harris.”

To me, this says that our society is willing to accept to any ol’ thing. Even when it comes to the things that are reaaaallly important.  I think in this case, it also means that some women just don’t know how to let a man lead. Why rob your man of the opportunity? Why take it into your own hands? Yandy is so used to running things in the boardroom, at her business, and with everyone else in her life, I think she’s let that attitude make its way into her relationship.

Though there are some things about the past that I am absolutely GLAD have disappeared from our culture/way of life, there are some things that I wholeheartedly believe should remain the same. Let the man decide when you’re going to get his last name…of course, only if that’s what YOU want.

What are your thoughts? Did Yandy go too far, or is she just a strong independent woman who knows what she wants?

P.S. It looks like there’s a new VH1 show in the works called “The Harris Family.” THAT should be interesting!



One thought on “Why Yandy’s Decision to “Change Her Name” Is a Sign of the Times

  1. She is two seconds away from being left high and dry. The Harris family? There’s one problem– one person isn’t actually in the family! I completely agree and this is going waaaaaaaaay too far. It takes a helluva lot of balls (no pun intended) to go from standing by your man to dragging your man along in your relationship. I DO NOT approve

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