KarmaJonez Exclusive: Tyrese Dishes About Furious 7 & His Last Album Black Rose

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In the wake of the much anticipated release of Furious 7, Tyrese Gibson is opening up to his fans about his new movie and his new album.

It seems like just yesterday that Tyrese captured our hearts and ears as he sang that powerful rendition of the Coca-Cola jingle back in 1994. He was so young. We had no idea we’d still be talking about him 20 years later. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come, how much he’s grown as an artist, and how much he’s developed as a person.

In case you have been living under a rock and don’t happen to follow Tyrese on Twitter, he seems to have become a sort of… lifestyle specialist…a life guru, if you will. Calling himself the “Vision Implementer,” Tyrese has no problem telling it like it is. So it’s not surprising that all of that translates into his music.

“I’m just keeping it real, even if it embarrasses me,” he told Access Hollywood about his new project. He even goes a step further by saying that he’s “done things that I would never want anyone to do to my daughter.” And because of that, Tyrese says he wants to raise the “standard of love,” with this album, but more importantly, he just wants to do his OWN thing.

Tyrese, who is always up for trying something new, did just that when he held an EXCLUSIVE virtual media conference last week. This super cool idea allowed bloggers to chat with him, and learn more about Fast 7, his new album, and his new song with Snoop Dogg called “Dumb Sh*t.”

Lucky for me, his people sent me some exclusive audio, and here’s what Mr. Gibson had to say:

On His Longstanding Career:

“I’m not some dumb a** celebrity, running around here. I didn’t go to college, but my career has been poppin ever since I did the Coke commercial, and it’s just been none stop. It’s one thing to buy a house, and another thing to keep a house. I’ve been in the game 20 years, doing some form of show business…I’ve never claimed to be the biggest star. I’m just me.”

On his inspirational posts:

“Here’s the thing, I have this feeling…what else is my life and career about, other than being able to pass on inside information, that can help somebody else to become successful. We have social media, and people are addicted to “likes” and “shares” and “views”..so instead of me being addicted to just “likes” and “shares”…my Facebook page has 1.2 billion clicks a month…and I only have 3 million followers…anybody else would look at those number and become egotistical about it. In my mind, I have 1.2 billion souls and spirits and hearts that I can reach with an inspirational message. This is a stage that God has placed me on and I need to use it.”

On Daddy Duty:

“I’ve created what I like to call a Black Rose Universe. This is my last solo album. We all know that the music business is a very different business, and even though I’m independent, it costs me that much more money to be an independent artist…because nothing is free. I’m literally paying for everything. I’ve just landed 50/50 custody of my daughter Shayla, who’s 7. So with all of the daddy duties, I have to make sure that if I leave my house, it’s worth it. That is part of the motivation for me saying this is my last album.”

On His New Album & Usher:

“It’s a double album. One side is me singing, one side is  me rapping. It’s gonna be a total of about 20 songs. Dumb Shit, featuring Snoop is an honest record. Shout out to Usher, who is one of my friends. We came into the business around the same time. I was even featured in some of his videos back in the day. One of his most classic albums is his “Confessions” album. I was in a relationship for 5 years, so between the cheating and lying and just being sloppy…I know better, but sometimes, shit be stopping us from doing better. But it’s not just men, it’s women too. This album is my most honest album, and my most uncomfortable album.”

Now, baaaaby, I don’t know if y’all remember “Confessions”, but that album sent us ALL into a tizzy. I think some us really started to view Usher in a different light. If that’s what TYRESE is giving us on this “Black Rose” album, then I can tell you right now that I’m ready for the dirt…and the good music of course.

On his documentary:

“We have a documentary. Whenever I have visions, I call them emails. So God sent me an email and said you’re going to record your entire double album in Arizona. So went online and found this mansion, and I had 19 people in this mansion for 34 days. And we did my double album. We did 136 original songs in 34 days. It was a lot of pressure, because it was a lot of egos in one house on a creative level. I documented the whole thing.”

“Shame” Movie feat. Jennifer Hudson:

“So there’s the Jennifer Hudson movie called “Shame.” In the movie, I’m basically playing Ike Turner, slash Teddy Pendergrass, slash Marvin Gaye. This movie is a period piece, in 1968. It’s directed by the legendary Paul Hunter. I’m drinking, I’m smokin, I’m abusive, I’m on cocaine, my hair is all out and nappy and fucked up lookin, and I am a struggling soul singer. “Dumb Shit” leads to “Shame,” and that’s it. That’s the Black Rose Universe.”

Wow. I must say, listening to the audio gave me a whole new perspective on Tyrese. He truly seems like he’s super passionate about whatever he does, not to mention he’s just reaaallly nice.

When asked by Access Hollywood about the next Fast & Furious, Tyrese, who plays the character of loud mouth Roman Pierce, became somber, stating that he didn’t feel talking about that would be appropriate.

“Based on the sensitivities around the movie, we’re just going to have fun with this one. Me talking about Fast 8 would be inappropriate. The fans have been patient, they’ve been sending prayers, we’re just going to allow for this one to hopefully be embraced around the world. When it’s time to talk about Fast 8, we’ll have that conversation,” Gibson said, in response to his good friend and cast mate Paul Walker’s untimely death.

So here’s the deal:

Furious 7 hits theaters Easter weekend, and “Black Rose” drops on July 7th.

You can Download “Dumb Sh*t” on Itunes NOW Here:Dumb Shit

And just in case, you haven’t had enough Tyrese talk for the day, he will also be releasing a new book entitled Black Rose. This book comes on the heels of his last two books called How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Manology with Rev Run.

And if you haven’t seen it, check out Tyrese’s new video feat. Uncle Snoop right here! Dumb Sh*t Video

It’s fun, it’s new, it’s different. I think you’ll enjoy.


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