Justin Bieber’s Roast is Tonight on Comedy Central


Ahhhh yes. Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Tonight, Justin Beiber will get a verbal ass whooping, something he probably should have gotten a loooong time ago. (Except with fists) Filmed on the Sony stage lot, and hosted by powerhouse comedian Kevin Hart, I think this is going to be a night to remember. I have my DVR SET.

Here’s an excerpt from TheVerge.com

After this rough stretch (for him, for humanity), he began 2015 on an apology tour, first releasing a video in January on his Facebook page after an awkward appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to say he wasn’t proud of how he acted in the recent past, telling his laptop’s camera, “I’m not who I was pretending to be” and “I want to make the best impression on people and be kind and loving and soft.” The next week he went back on The Ellen Degeneres Show to further explain the feelings he expressed in the video. Now that he’s confessed, the Comedy Central roast would be his public penance, a place to take his lashes and then hopefully move on.

They go on to say:

The most popular subject of the night actually was how short Kevin Hart is, with at least 25 jokes referencing it. There were also six jokes about how big O’Neal’s penis is. Pete Davidson started off his set by managing to combine these two tropes, telling the crowd, “It’s an honor to be at a roast hosted by Shaq’s dick.” 21-year-old Saturday Night Live freshman Pete Davidson’s lead-off set was a bit of a revelation. Though he’s showed promise on SNL, on this night he was vicious and willing to make use of his own darkest moments. Davidson, who is the son of a New York firefighter who died on September 11th, addressed Hart and Snoop Dogg, telling them, “Soul Plane was the worst experience of my life involving a plane.”

Yes! Tune in to Comedy Central tonight at 10 PM!


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