I’ll Take a Bloody Mary…With a Pizza on The Side

Here’s the thing; I’ll be the first to admit that I’ll drink pretty much anything. There were a few times in college that I really questioned what my life was even about. But I can say for CERTAIN that never in a million years would I EVER drink a Bloody Mary with a slice of pizza in it! But apparently, some people are ELATED about this new development. Look at the enthusiasm in the following tweet from @JeanieHrbek

“College Daze bloody mary at . Comes w slice of cold pizza!”


The pub, located in the Minnesota Twins’ stadium is giving every drink in town a run for its money. The drink, which sells for a whopping $19, is honestly the craziest alcoholic beverage I’ve ever seen! It gives even a stone cold drinker like ME cold feet! Hrbek’s Pub is named after Kent Hrbek, a former MLB first baseman who spent his entire career (14 years) playing for the Twins. I can’t wait to hear some reviews on this bad boy!


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