People Are Through With Deadline & Their Sh*t


Just when we thought Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign, Kanye West and the election of our nation’s first Black President had solved all of our race problems, here comes Deadline’s co-editor-in-chief, Nellie Andreeva, f*cking it up for all of us.

Just the other day, Nellie, and the good people over at Deadline thought it would be a good idea to lift their hoods and proudly proclaim that they wanted their TV’s back! Andreeva penned a really poorly thought out article about how the diversity on television was killing her softly. She posed this incredibly short-sighted question: (Try to make it to the end without dry heaving)

Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of Good Thing?

You still there? Have you succeeded in reading every line of that trash journalism? If so, I’m sure you are utterly flabbergasted. What did she mean? Was she serious? Was she blind, or just so incredibly privileged that she actually thought she had made some pretty valid points back there? Whatever the case my be…just about everyone disagrees with Ol’ Nellie. And even if everyone doesn’t, I’m sure everyone can agree that publishing this piece was ridiculously irresponsible and a very, very bad decision.

This right here IS in fact a classic example of what Black Twitter refers to as White People Tears. It’s actually quite pathetic.

On Wednesday, the American Indians in Film and Television, Asian Pacific American Media Coalition, NAACP Hollywood Bureau, and National Hispanic Media Coalition joined together to release this statement:

“Shame on Deadline for giving a platform to the prejudices of a few Hollywood agents who, under the cloak of anonymity, revealed themselves to be among the entertainment industry gatekeepers reluctant to change their unfair and exclusionary practices and make way for progress.

The inaccuracies and misconceptions the article put forth are patently offensive and reflect a larger problem of persisting racial and ethnic bias in the entertainment industry.

Genuine progress in diversity on television is an extremely recent phenomenon and we applaud recent steps to diversify television in front and behind the camera. For full inclusion to happen, however, the entire industry’s discriminatory business model that has historically pushed out people of color needs to change.”

Now Nellie can’t be this stupid. Given the racial climate in our country, realizing that the past few years have been that of the dead Black man/boy hashtag, Nellie couldn’t POSSIBLY think that writing an article about how too much diversity is BAD thing would go over well. Or maybe, just maybe she didn’t care.

Perhaps her entitlement, her white privilege had seeped so far into her brain that she, the editor-in-chief of a MAJOR media outlet, did not care about offending people, because her bigotry was just THAT important to her.

Dear White People, another box office smash that featured more than just a hand full of colored folks, made major waves in Hollywood recently. A movie, centered around this very thing, made a lot of people uncomfortable. I imagine Nellie was squirming in her seat when she watched it. Maybe she was rolling her eyes…or maybe she didn’t watch it at all as to not exceed her strict colored people quota. Lena Waithe, one of the movie’s producers wrote up a pretty cool op-ed yesterday, and she didn’t take too kindly to Nellie’s words. She was a bit nicer than I would have been, but I follow her on Instagram and she seems like a nice person in general. Shoutout to her for keeping it classy! LOL

And as always, the commentary on Twitter was priceless:

And my personal favorite: Miss Shonda Rhimes, ladies and gentlemen!

Here’s the thing: I think Nellie just better go have a seat for a while. If we’re using her logic, there just may NOT be enough room in Hollywood for all the white people…and SHE is one of them! Bye Nellie!




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