Empire Co-Stars Are Dating…Guess WHO?

empire fox

Now that our Wednesday nights are lonely as ever, most of us find ourselves playing the Empire season finale back on On Demand, or searching desperately for something to fill the void. How sad our Wednesday nights have become…SMH. But then yesterday, just like that, God opened up the Empire floodgates once again, just enough for us to spill some TEA, and boy was it good!

Rumor has it that Empire’s Trai Byers (Andre Lyon) and Grace Gealey (Boo Boo Kitty) have made a love connection! US Weekly reported that the two have been dating since they first met on set. So I guess, love at first sight???


“They started seeing each other during the shooting of the show. There was an instant attraction, people working on the show are aware about it,” an insider tells Us. “When they all hang out together they’ll cuddle and give a kiss, but it’s nothing obscene.

In the words of Johnny Gill, My My My! Call me naive, but I never would’ve guessed that those two would be dating. But I guess when I think about it, it actually makes sense. Hakeem is too young, Terrence Howard likes white women, and Jussie is gay. BINGO!
I for one, am glad the two have taken a liking to each other. It’s cute. But I can only imagine how AWKWARD it must be for the couple to have to share a lover with their cast mates! But then again, I think if I was getting the checks they’re getting, I’d be able to overlook a few things too!

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