Serena Williams Responds to Caroline Wozniacki Mocking Her


In case you missed it, Serena Williams is gracing the cover of next month’s issue of Vogue, and she is serving Black girl magic per usual. Her mane is blowing in the wind, and her barely there makeup gives us a chance to admire her beauty and her impeccable bone structure. Basically, she’s SLAYING!


While I am excited that our girl Serena is on the cover, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address her response to Caroline Wozniack’s alarming impersonation on the court. Check this out:

When I first saw the video, I was highly offended. I couldn’t understand why a white woman thought it would be appropriate to mimick a Black woman’s body…in public…while on television. For hundreds of years, the Black woman’s body has been under much speculation. This country doesn’t really have a positive history as it relates to the objectification of Black women’s bodies. See Sarah Baartman http://

So I think it’s understandable that when Caroline Wozniacki decided to stuff pillows in her shirt, and under her skirt, why Black people all over the nation were highly offended. To my surprise, however, it seems everyone EXCEPT Serena took offense. The tennis player told Vogue that she and Wozniacki are friends, and that she wasn’t offended at all.

“I wasn’t offended. And I felt bad for her because this girl does not have a mean bone in her body.”

Rightfully so, not everyone was as understanding as Serena.

Michael Arceneaux of Ebony magazine wrote:

“She’s been likened to a primate for no other reason other than she’s a Black woman with a stunningly chiseled body in a world where the average star is blonde and lithe. There is nothing funny about such a person who meets the desired ‘standard’ for tennis player aesthetics mocking Williams’ curves.”

I think he said it best. What do you think? Was Caroline’s behavior offensive, or completely harmless?


2 thoughts on “Serena Williams Responds to Caroline Wozniacki Mocking Her

  1. Serena and Venice are great. They practice hard and play hard. If others cannot keep up with them, they may need to consider bringing up their own game. Tiger did the same thing. You want to match the greats, do what it takes to get there. Venus and Serena you are both BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!

  2. SW is simply great. She is a treasure to women’s tennis. Appreciate her as a virtuous woman and stop hating the apple of God’s eye. History is on her side. Love her for what she is.SW ,you are blessing to women tennis. Keep winning while haters keep losing. US Open shall be yours. This is my prayer and desire for you. Just remain focused and victory shall be ours in the end.

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