Rob Kardashian Disses Kim K via Social Media


Y’all, as much as I’d like Kim K to have a few seats, and take a load off for a couple of months, this story actually makes me a little sad. Apparently, Rob Kardashian, the only boy in the Kardashian clan has unfriended his whole family on Instagram, and has become even more introverted than before. It looks like he’s had it with EVERYONE’S shenanigans, but is SUPER done with his big sister Kim Kardashian West.

Rob Kardashian, upon his return to social media, decided that he wanted to show the world his sister Kim’s true colors. In one of his posts, he describes Kim as the “bitch from Gone Girl.


Ummmm….I don’t know if you guys have seen Gone Girl, but that b*tch was crazy! Like, certified. She was not to be played with. She’s the type that would slap her mama for $100 and a combo meal from Mickey D’s. Ruthless, I tell ya! So for Rob to compare his sister to Amy Dunne is actually pretty offensive.

But like most things, the Kardashians are pretending that nothing is happening. An insider told People magazine that Rob’s weird sense of humor is to blame.

“He has a funny sense of humor and posts weird things and then deletes them. He’s just being crazy and he thinks it’s funny… He can just be a little bizarre with his humor.”

They didn’t stop there, though. They managed to also blame Rob’s behavior on his inability to lose weight, because…duh, being fat makes you hate your sister!

“He just doesn’t seem to care right now. He’s not motivated. He seems really sad about his weight, but he also isn’t trying to do anything about it.”

Guys. Rob is DEPRESSED. That’s it! He is crying out for help. And to tell the truth, he may actually feel that way about  his sister. He wouldn’t be the first person to compare her to something… not so nice. Let’s not forget that Rob MISSED Kim and Kanye’s wedding. And it seems that his family members have pleaded with him to take the photo down, but he has refused. It’s still there. Like, the only picture there…

It’s my hope that Rob gets the help that he needs, because after all, in the beginning, he was really the most sane one of them all. Maybe it was him trying to “keep up with the Kardashians” that actually drove him crazy.


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