Kanye West is On Kelly Rowland’s Vision Board


Every once in a while, we all feel like we ain’t sh*t. We go on a tyrade about how we need to lose weight, get a new boyfriend, get a better job, and stop yelling at our best friends. And how do we make those changes? We create a vision board of course!

Everybody’s making a vision board these days. It seems like we’re all looking to get our lives together! But I admit, I never would have guessed that Kelly Rowland had a vision board…and I CERTAINLY never would have guessed that Kanye West was at the center of it.

In an interview with HuffingtonPost Live, Kelly Rowland told Marc Lamont Hill that she is dying to work with Kanye on a record. I found this a little bit odd, given that she’s Queen Bey’s right hand woman and it seems like a collaboration with Ye wouldn’t be too far out of Kelly’s reach. But the singer told HuffPost that she thinks she’s just too shy.

“We keep seeing each other in different places, and sometimes I think I’m too shy to say something. … But the next time I see him I’ll definitely just pick his brain,” she said. “I think he’s genius.”

She also went on to say why she loves Kanye:

“He’s literally in the center of one of my vision boards. I love how gutsy he is. I love how he speaks his mind.”

I thought this was pretty interesting. I guess everybody DOES need a little inspiration from SOMEBODY. Why not Kanye? But if I had to take a guess on who’s at the center of Kanye’s vision board…I’d say Kanye. Kanye is definitely the center of Kanye’s vision board.

Just for fun, let’s watch some memorable Kanye moments:


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