Karrueche Tran Sits Down With Iyanla & Things Get Heated


It seems like it’s pretty hard for Karrueche to stay out of the limelight these days, given the fact that her off again, on again boyfriend, singer Chris Brown just can’t do right. Karrueche, who has been bashed by EVERYBODY via social media, including Brown, has finally decided to have a come to Jesus moment. But in this case, Jesus is Iyanla Vanzant, and she’s ready to help Karrueche “fix her life.”

Everybody loves auntie Iyanla, and it looks like Karrueche is no different. On March 28th, she will be sitting down with Iyanla to talk about just how f*cked up things have gotten between her and Chris. Per usual, auntie will be asking the tough questions. According to OWN’s Facebook page, Iyanla won’t be holding back:

He betrayed you.

He lied to you.

He did it all publicly.


How did you find out that he had a baby by another woman?


Have you spoken to him?


What I want people to know about Chris Brown is ________?

Yikes! I see this going one of two ways…Well one way really. This will end with Karrueche crying in the fetal position, and Iyanla smothering her in her bosom. I’m sure of it! Check out this sneak peek from Hip Hollywood!

Ummmm Karrueche girl, I get that you don’t want to seem like a charity case. But this IS Iyanla…and she’s fixing your life. So let’s stop with the charade. I for one am GLAD someone is sitting you down and asking you the hard questions!

According to TMZ.com, things got bad when Karrueche was asked if she dated Brown because he was famous. Things got even more heated when Karrueche was asked why she dated Chris after what he had done to Rihanna. Apparently, the kitchen got too hot for Karreuche, and instead of getting the hell out, she sent Oprah’s people packing.

Now, Karrueche, you KNOW you can’t be kickin Oprah’s people out of NO PLACE!

After a few hours passed, the crew, Iyanla included were invited back in to finish the interview. Guess she thought about that check.

Make sure you tune in to OWN, Saturday, March 28th at 8/7 c. I’ve got my DVR SET, and I will be live tweeting! Follow me on Twitter at @KarmaJonez



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