Don Lemon Tackles The “N Word” on CNN

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The age old debate about whether or not Black people should day the “N Word” has resurfaced once again. This time, it’s been dug up by none other than CNN’s Don Lemon. Lemon, who’s had his Black card revoked a very long time ago, thought it would be good to spark this debate on national TV once again. Last night, Lemon, conservative Ben Ferguson, Marc Lamont Hill, Morehouse professor/political commentator, and Atlanta rapper Trinidad James got together to talk about the issue one mo GIN’.

How Black Folk Look at Don Lemon Every Day:


Can I just say that I am over this conversation? I think the rules are pretty clear when it comes to the “N word.” White people, you can’t say it. Non-Black people, you can’t say it. You don’t need to know why, and you don’t need to regulate when and how WE use it. That’s not your job. Stay in your lane. Just as I don’t expect you to let me call you a “cracker” or “honky”, I don’t expect you to ask me why you can’t say “nigga.” You just can’t.

Should Black people say it? As a BLACK person, I think Black folk can say whatever they WANT amongst themselves, in the comfort of their own homes, AND within their art forms if they so choose. And NO ONE HAS THE AUTHORITY TO REGULATE IT. Even YOU, white people. This is NOT your battle. Just don’t let the words slip from YOUR mouths.

I’ve explained this once before. It’s true, maybe Black folk shouldn’t use the word. But the difference between a white person using the word, and a Black person using the word is the CONNOTATION. What it MEANS, what’s IMPLIED when it leaves your mouth. If a white person uses that word towards me, I don’t know what they mean or how they mean to say it. 9 times out of 10, I’m going to assume that they want to be slapped. To avoid the confusion, white people should just avoid the word all together.

The bigger question is, why do white people CARE? Why do you care what we say amongst ourselves to EACH OTHER? You cannot tell someone how to feel about a word. This goes for Black folk too. You can’t TELL me how I should feel about someone saying “nigga” to me in a sentence. If I say I don’t want white people to use it, I have the right because of the history of the word, the context, and the history of this country. If I’m OK with my friend, saying “nigga PLEASE” to me, it’s my right!

In this video, you will hear conservative Ben Ferguson talk about how “divisive” this word is. What Ben doesn’t understand is, it’s divisive when YOU and your friends use it. Racism is divisive. And like I’ve mentioned before, the word “nigger” was around loooong before rap music was. Don’t try and blame rap music for this country’s terrible, tarnished, disgusting reputation concerning race relations from slavery up until now. That argument is so tired and trite. Check this out:

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