Suge Knight’s Lawyer Says He’s Blind and Not Guilty of Murder

Guys, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Hip Hop mogul and full time bully Suge Knight is officially legally blind…kinda like our friend Donna Goudeau.

Well at least that’s what his lawyer Matthew Fletcher told the judge. In case you’re out of the loop, Suge Knight is on trial for murder, and his defense is simple: He can’t see. On January 29th, Suge ran over his “friend” Terry Carter…with a truck. His lawyer claims Suge was the victim of an assault and was simply trying to flee the scene before he caught any more punches to the face.

Check out this video obtained by TMZ

But y’all I think this picture really put me over the edge. Like, I can’t take this seriously!


Suge Knight really should be put under the jail, in my opinion. I truly believe he’s a menace to society. And do I think he’s blind? Barely.


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