Tina Knowles Ain’t Havin It


You’d think by now, the Knowles and the Carters would be used to cameras flashing and people fainting every where they go. But since the move from NY to LA, it looks like Beyonce and the crew are getting more camera action than usual.

Tina, Beyonce and Blue were out for lunch on Monday when a pap started filming Blue, and honey, that was all she wrote!

There’s no wrath like a grandmother’s wrath, and Ms. Knowles set this poor guy straight in under 30 seconds.

“Have some class about you.” -Tina

Can I just say something that has absolutely nothin’ to do with nothin’? Tina looks good to be somebody’s grandma! You go girl!

But on another note, what do you think about this? The guy made the statement that she was “famous”, which in his mind meant she deserved to be taped/photographed. Do you agree? Or do you think the paparazzi needs to draw the line at people’s kids? Comment below!


One thought on “Tina Knowles Ain’t Havin It

  1. It ain’t illegal to film nobody, not even a baby, so long as they are in a public place, or even if they are in a private place, so long as they can be observed from a public place without trespass.

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