Is Apple Screwing Us All Over?

iphone 6

I came across this story today, and it was simply too good not to share. I had been speculating with my poor mother about this for a long time. She’s had to shell out hundreds of dollars over the years for my new insurance plans, my new phones, my new chargers, etc…all because I just HAD to have an iPhone. When I was in between jobs, I found that’s when I usually had iPhone troubles, and mom had to swoop in like usual and save the day. And I realized…a few weeks ago, my phone was just fine. What happened? What’s changed?

My father who had gone in to a store (that shall remain nameless), after having some technical issues with HIS phone, called me soon after revealing that one of the sales people had shared some very interesting information with him. He said the woman told him that Apple messes these phones up on purpose. They WANT you to buy a new one! When he told me, I didn’t find it hard to believe. I’d noticed the same pattern over and over again since I decided to become a part of #teamiphone. Maybe there was something to this story after all…

Check out this cool article from Gawker. Is it a coincidence or conspiracy?



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