Dancing Man Found Thanks To Twitter & Pharell Is Coming To His Party

For those of you who missed this story, I am super excited to share it with you. A few weeks ago, a stomach turning post hit the internet and took on a life of its own. A person who apparently could use a few hugs posted this image on the messageboard 4chan:


“Spotted this specimen trying to dance. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Really? This is just so incredibly unnecessary and…EVIL! In an attempt to be funny, this person failed miserably and also earned themselves more than a few enemies. Congratulations whoever you are, you just won this guy a ton of friends and a dance party of a lifetime!

Cassandra Fairbanks, writer at the Free Though Project got wind of the post and immediately started an internet campaign to #finddancingman And just like that, within 24 hours, thanks to Twitter, “Dancing Man”, whose real name is Sean was found.

Sean later opened an account under the username @Dancingmanfound and has already gained over 72,000 followers! (including me)

A GoFundMe page was also started to help throw the massive dance party Cassandra and her girls are putting together. They’ve raised well over $30,000. And if that wasn’t enough, Pharrell, Moby and more have agreed to perform!

Check out all of these awesome tweets!

*TEARS* Now THIS is what life (and the internet) is about! Connecting people, making dreams come true, and HELPING each other. This is such a great story! Huge shout out to Pharrell, Cassandra, and of course Sean. Please please PLEASE always dance like no one is watching!


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