KarmaJonez Attends The Private Screening of Single Ladies Season 4 & Interviews Adrene of VH1’s Sorrority Sisters


When I heard that the Black Women in Film Network Summit (BWFN) was making its way to ATL, you know I just HAD to be there. I was excited about the networking, the art, the positivity, and of course, the parties! This past weekend, I got to rub elbows with the Black Hollywood elite…and boy did I have fun! Check it out:

Day 1:


On the first day, I attended the private screening of Single Ladies Season 4. For those of you who need a refresher, Single Ladies is a drama series produced by the legendary Queen Latifah. The show originally aired on VH1, and has now been picked up by Centric. This season, the cast includes Lisa Raye, Denise Vasi, and Charity Sea. And let’s not forget, former Destiny’s Child member, Letoya Luckett, who is an INCREDIBLE actress, by the way. Who knew??! All I can say about Season 4, episode 1, is GET READY! This premiere is going to absolutely throw you for a loop, and you will be on an unexpected emotional roller coaster! I have to admit, I thought this show was headed for an end, but this season, it looks like they may have made the necessary changes to make Single Ladies a success! The two hotties to the right are Beautii Joseph and Maja Sly of WE TV’s newest reality show, “Cutting It in the ATL.” The show airs in May. Stay tuned!


While there, I also got a chance to catch up with Adrene of VH1’s “Sorority Sisters.” We chatted briefly, and here’s what she had to say:


KarmaJonez Tell Me About Your Experience After Sorrority Sisters?

Honestly, my experience after Sorrority Sisters has been fun. I don’t believe in any bad publicity. I think whether it’s negative or positive, there’s always something in it for someone. I’ve actually got a lot of encouraging support. I’m costume designing for TV and film. That hasn’t stopped. My life is still going. Everything has been Adrenalized, it’s on 10. And I’m thankful for the exposure. People have been exposed to the brand, so I’m appreciative.

KarmaJonez What are your thoughts on Black women in entertainment and how they’re portrayed?

I’m a big fan of realism. And I think it’s wonderful positioning for you, if you make it work for you the right way. Overall, I think there are certain things we could do better at. Obviously our reality experience…but our reality experiences are based on real life scenarios. And I’m speaking from a personal experience. I’m a costume designer behind the scenes for TV and film, and it’s so enlightening to see women getting roles, an interest in women and how we’re making our moves in our real lives, and also in our careers. I’m happy to see the amount of work coming to Atlanta. And I’m really happy to see that the film industry is opening up for African Americans.

KarmaJonez What are you most looking forward to tonight?

I work with Letoya Luckett and Lisa Raye. I’m really excited to see their project. I love love love the show. It’s very influenced by fashion. I’m here in full support of that. I love to see fashion and film come together. This is also the anniversary of Mahogany. I’m just really happy to see us women involved, from Mahogany, to where we are now.

Sorrority Sisters was pulled from VH1 after only a few episodes, after being met with unyielding protests from members of the Greek community. I watched the show myself, and didn’t really get what all the protests were about. But different strokes for different folks, I guess. I WILL say that I didn’t really care for Adrene’s character when the show was on air, but after meeting her in person and talking with her, I found that she was super sweet and approachable. That just goes to show you how much people and things can be twisted and manipulated when it comes to reality TV. I guess that’s the magic of television! I wish Adrene all the best. She looked FAB at all of the events over the weekend. Also, stay tuned for the premiere of Centric’s Single Ladies! You DON’T want to miss it!


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