Kelly Osbourne Is Done With Fashion Police


Amidst all of the not so great press E!’s show Fashion Police has been getting due to Guiliana Rancic’s negative comments about Zendaya Coleman, according to, co-host Kelly Osbourne has decided to leave the show.

In a comment soon after the incident, Kelly who started receiving a lot of hateful tweets, made this statement:

According to

“Bosses at E! are extremely unhappy with Kelly after she went public on social media venting her displeasure over the Giuliana-Zendaya scandal,” said the source. “Even after Giuliana publicly apologized, new details emerged revealing Kelly had warned the panel about saying anything negative about Zendaya because she was a friend of the show. Executive producers suspect Kelly blabbed about it to several reporters and they’re not pleased.

Apparently, Kelly was kinda done with the show long before this ever happened. Mourning the loss of Joan Rivers, Kelly didn’t seem to be having as much fun as she should be, and essentially, she didn’t think Rancic’s apology was “good enough.”

Yikes! All of this happened after a HUGE backlash via Twitter. The power of social media is getting to be a tad bit scary! I actually like Kelly Osbourne, and I hope she doesn’t end up getting blamed for the things that came out of Guiliana’s mouth. I believe her when she says she didn’t support the comments, and I hope she and Zendaya will continue to be great friends.




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