Andrew Caldwell: No Longer DELIVERT


Some of you may remember the video of Andrew Caldwell that went viral. Yea, the one where he stood before the church and declared into a microphone that he in fact did not like “mens” no more. He had been DELIVERT!

Well like we all suspected…he lied.

In an interview with NBC 12, Caldwell said he never wanted to gain so much attention from the video, and that he still has what he calls “desires.”

“I was serious. I did not want to go viral. I did not expect that to go viral. I did not want to get up there and just say anything and look crazy in front of thousands of people.”

When asked if he really has become heterosexual, Caldwell responded “no.”

Caldwell is a member of The Church of God and Christ in St. Louis, Missouri. He said that he put on an act that day to appease the other members of the church.

“They think that they can preach the homosexuals away in the Church of God in Christ. You can’t. That video caused a lot to me … mentally and physically. I feel that, if I was delivered, God should deliver me more. But I know it takes a process. But I think it is going a little bit slow. I want God to work on my mannerisms. I want God to stop the switching … talking like a woman. I do hold regrets. Because my life has been in danger.”

I know I had jokes in the beginning, but when you really think about it, this is just plain sad. A young man feels the need to be someone he isn’t based on other people’s opinions. He doesn’t even feel comfortable at church. Imagine being someone or something and trying to hide it, or surpress it, just to satisfy the rest of the world. That can’t be a fulfilling life to live.

Since the video went viral, pics of Caldwell and one of his lovers made it to the internet, and things got ugly from there. Personally, I think that’s what made him finally tell the truth.

Whatever the case, I hope Andrew spends the rest of his days out and proud. He doesn’t have anything to prove. And honestly, I think we all know that you can’t be delivered from being gay…don’t we?


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