Lupita Nyong’o’s 2015 Oscar Dress Stolen


Awwwww HELL nah! Somebody got a hold of Lupita’s dress and apparently they’re on the run. The $150,000 dress that I praised in my recent post has gone missing.

The dress, that was covered with over 6,000 pearls was stolen from the star’s West Hollywood hotel. According to a report from KTLA, Lt. William Nash of the LA County Sheriff’s Department says that they received a call just before 11:30 on Wednesday night.

Listen, if you see a maid walking the LA streets with this little number one, baby you better call the PoPo! We gotta get Ms. Lupita’s dress back in the right hands immediately! Look theif/theives, wherever you are, you could NEVER wear that dress like Lupita. So just give up, and give it back…this all too much!


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