Guiliana Rancic Makes Controversial Comments About Zendaya’s Hair

zendaya locs

E! News correspondent Guiliana Rancic is in hot water this morning after making some not so flattering comments about actress/singer Zendaya Coleman.

The Disney star walked the Red Carpet at the Oscars over the weekend, (she looked stunning, by the way) donning a white, off the shoulder Vivienne Westwood dress, and long locs, she wore pulled back from her face.

Rancic, who was covering the Red Carpet, on an episode of Fashion Police, commented that she thought that Zendaya looked like she smelled like “patchouli oil” or “weed.”

I’m assuming most of you know what weed is, but some of you may be asking, what the hell is patchouli oil?? Well according to, patchouli oil is:

Hippie perfume.

An oil worn as perfume by dirty hippies in lieu of showering or bathing in any way. Used to mask the scent of marijuana and week old body odor, but usually it merely mixes with the scent to form a new, BO/Patchouli combo that can repulse even those who are olfactorally challenged, except for hippies, who love it.


Well, before the show could take a commercial break, Black Twitter had gotten the news and they were NOT happy about it. They spoke up.

That tweet was just the tip of the iceberg. Guiliana’s mentions went up in flames shortly thereafter. But I want to point out that even before the tasteless comment from Guiliana, Kathy Griffin had also made a very problematic comment about Zendaya’s name.

So what are we seeing here? Is this another attack on Black women? Is this another critique on our hair, our culture, our names? What was this commentary really all about? Let’s be clear, when white women like Kylie Jenner or Khloe Kardashian rock locs or braids, they’re labeled as “on trend” or “edgy.” But for some reason, Black women just can’t get that respect. Instead, if we have locs…then we must smell of weed and oils…REALLY?


Check this out:

I just have a real problem with Black women, and all of their GREATNESS, constantly being insulted by the same folk who are constantly appropriating our culture.

But don’t worry. Zendaya hasn’t kept quiet about the issue. She had a lot to say, and I think she handled it all with a lot of class.

zendaya response

Well said Zendaya! (Except for the “I am not my hair” part. You can be your hair. Your hair is a part of you and there is no need to apologize for that, or try to separate your hair from your identity)

I’m almost certain that there will be a slew of people who will ask, “Why are Black people so sensitive?” “Why do you take everything to heart?” Listen, you cannot TELL anyone what they should be offended by. Black folk and white folk have very different stories in this country, and what is offensive to me, may not be offensive to someone else. Obviously, Zendaya was offended. So what do we do now? We acknowledge that, and we try to understand why. We don’t dismiss, and we don’t devalue, and we most certainly don’t derail. It doesn’t work that way.

What do you think? Was Guiliana out of line, or was this just a slip of the tongue?


One thought on “Guiliana Rancic Makes Controversial Comments About Zendaya’s Hair

  1. I think Zendaya looked amazing and I personally loved her hair. The comments made by Guiliana Rancic were not only insensitive but also ignorant. They definite did not add anything to the show. I will think twice before watching Fashion Police again.

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