Chris Brown Sells Art Work for Over $60,000 in Miami


So you learn something new every day. And what I learned yesterday is that Chris Brown is a real live artist…and people actually buy his work. Apparently, Chris’ pseudonym is Konfuzed. (Symbolic much?)

I actually really like Chris Brown and I’m excited that he’s found something that he enjoys outside of music.

Alongside street artist KAI, Breezy painted seven works on-site over the course of three days. The pair even did a really cool project on a vintage Porsche. Two of Brown’s pieces sold for $25,000 each and another sold for almost $12,000. This all happened at Fine Art Auctions Miami’s Urban Art Week.

Half of the sales will be donated to the Arts and Business Council of Miami. Brown isn’t just doing this to make a profit. It’s been reported that half of the profits will go to charity.

Maybe this painting thing is good for Chris…therapy?

chris art


chris art 1

chris art 2


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