Final Thought Friday: Trees & Fruit

“You can identify a tree by the fruit it bears.”

Carmen color

In life, it can be hard to tell who’s who…or so we think. We end up confusing ourselves by trying to figure out if we should trust certain people. Should we do business with them? Should we loan them money? Should we be in a relationship with them? We go through this back and forth kind of thing where we aren’t quite sure who should be in, and who we should just kick the hell out. Well friends, there is one very simple rule that hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Just like trees, you can tell a person by the fruit they bear. What are they DOING? What kinds of things are they PRODUCING? Stay away from people who are all talk. Treat your relationships like jobs. You want RESULTS. If your boyfriend is telling you he loves you, but cheats on you every other week, the things he’s doing, the outcomes he’s producing don’t align with the things he’s TELLING you. At that point, you’ve discovered you’ve been holding on to a cactus. Don’t be that person. When someone shows you who they are, listen. And there will always be clues to help you along the way, because as we all know, the fruit doesn’t EVER fall far from the tree.


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