Eddie Murphy Refused to Portray Bill Cosby on SNL 40


I haven’t done a piece on Bill Cosby for many reasons. In the midst of 20 plus rape allegations, honestly, I STILL don’t know how I feel about it all. In the past few months, more than 20 women have come forward accusing Mr. Cosby or rape or attempted rape, all of their stories eerily similar, and all of them equally disturbing to hear. In the beginning, I had conflicting feelings about the entire situation.

Like many people in America, especially in the Black community, I felt a special bond with Bill. We grew up with him. He was our TV dad. We looked up to him. For me, Cosby reminded me so much of my own father that I think even in my adulthood, I couldn’t bring myself to let that part of my childhood go. Even in the midst of rape allegations. With that being said, even though Mr. Cosby has not been found guilty of a crime, I DO believe these women. I am not a rape apologist, and I refuse to be grouped with anyone who is. If Mr. Cosby did commit these crimes, he should be punished. I think rape culture in our country is a huge problem, and it needs to be addressed. We sweep so many things under the rug when it comes to rape. Victims are often put on trial and publicly shamed for whatever it is that they were wearing, saying or drinking that led to them being raped.

Imagine that. Imagine having sex with someone against your will…being FORCED to be INTIMATE with someone, and then being made to feel like it was your fault. No wonder so many women wait so long to come forward, and no wonder some never even come forward at all. Here’s just one example of THOUSANDS, where a man tries to make excuses for rape, violence and harassment against a young woman:


Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some things about some of these Cosby allegations that bother me. Some of the women admit to taking pills on their own, or even accepting money in exchange for whatever took place. These things don’t sit well with me. But with all of that aside, let me make it really clear: No woman.. or man for that matter, should ever be the victim of rape. It’s unacceptable.

That brings me to the recent 40 Year Anniversary for SNL. Eddie Murphy was asked to portray Cosby…in an unflattering light on the show, and he declined. Here’s how things would have gone according to NBC News:

The “Jeopardy!” sketch, as originally conceived, would have played out like this: A Video Daily Double question on “Favorite Cocktails” would have brought up a “video clip” of Murphy impersonating Cosby. Will Ferrell, as host Alex Trebek, was then going cut it off, explaining that the “clip” was taped last June — months before the ongoing scandal exploded amid allegations that Cosby served dozens of women drugged cocktails and then sexually assaulted them.


Cosby had this to say about Murphy declining:

“I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions,” a spokesperson revealed.

Cosby was ultimately portrayed by current SNL cast member Kenan Thompson. And I have to admit, when I saw it, I cringed. The whole thing just made me very uncomfortable. But I wonder, what was Eddie’s reason for declining? Does he believe that Cosby is innocent? Does he simply not believe in kicking a man when he’s down? Or does he, like many of us, hold Mr. Cosby with such high esteem that he would never dream of doing such a sketch?

I wonder…does how we feel about certain celebrities allow us to ignore their indiscretions, even when it comes to crimes as violent as rape, pedophilia and murder? I won’t name names here…

What do you think? How do you feel about Eddie declining to do the impression?


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