Oldie But Goodie: What Do You Prefer? Love or Sex?


So, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about good sex vs bad sex. Then I posed this question to her: “Is love more important than sex?”

For example, if a man has a small….ummm..”member”, if he can’t keep up, or finishes a little too fast, is that grounds for a breakup? Same goes for women. If a woman doesn’t please her man in bed, does that love overpower the sex, or vice versa? If you love someone, should sex matter? As we spoke candidly, she went on to talk about her past relationship, and why she felt that love will never be more important than sex.

“Towards the end of the relationship, I cheated because I had been with him for over a year, and he never made me [orgasm]. The guy I cheated with made me [orgasm] the very first time. Right then, I knew that there was nothing wrong me with me..it was HIM.  I still loved him, but I became unattracted to him because he couldn’t satisfy me.”

Damn. Sucks for him.

However, I think that sex is something that can be compromised if you feel that you have found your soulmate. Great sex is awesome, but a great love is the best. Someone can be giving you the best sex of your life, and treating you like Sugar Honey Ice Tea every day of your life. Look people, we can’t have it all….or can we? What do you think?


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