Geraldo Rivera Says That Hip Hop Has Done More Damage Than Racism



Let me preface this post by saying that I don’t like Geraldo Rivera. I think he’s a smug guy with a bad attitude. And frankly, I think he’s bigot. But aside from that, I’ll try and keep this post as unbiased as possible. Geraldo had a sit down with the good people over at Huff Post Live yesterday, and this is what he had to say about the state of Hip Hop:

“Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years. When you find the youngster, a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx or a black kid from Harlem, who has succeeded in life other than being the one-tenth of one-tenth of one percent that make it in the music business, that’s been a success in life walking around with his pants around his a** or with visible tattoos.”

He then went on to point his finger at Hip Hop legend Russell Simmons. The two haven’t been very friendly with each other since Rivera claimed that Trayvon Martin brought his death on himself by wearing baggy clothes and coming off as a “gangsta” after being shot and killed by vigilante George Zimmerman. Simmons responded by calling Rivera a backwards racist.. which I thought was pretty accurate.

So let’s talk about this. I agree with Geraldo about ONE thing: The pants around your ass. Pull them up. We don’t wanna see it. But DASSIT!

Geraldo says Hip Hop  has done more damage culturally than racism has in the last 10 years. To that, I say no. Actually, I say HELL no.

What I WILL acknowledge is that rap music is becoming more and more vulgar, and less substantive. But what people like Geraldo DON’T know is that Hip Hop is all encompassing. It includes graffiti art, dancing, fashion, hair styles, music, etc. etc. Rap music is a subculture that falls under the Hip Hop umbrella.

Now. In the last 10 years, we’ve had a lot of classic rap albums that I don’t have time to name. Did a lot of them include violent/sexual lyrics? Yes. But that’s only what SOME rap music is. It’s raw. Unfiltered. Just like Rock and Roll. It’s the music of rebels, the misfits, the voice of the unheard. Simple as that.

I don’t know about you guys, but I rather enjoyed Hip Hop culture over the years. The bucket hats, ski goggles and the velour suits. I liked Dougie, the Harlem Shake, and the Stanky Leg. Hey, don’t judge me. But I DID.

I was thoroughly amused when Cam’Ron started wearing pink fur coats everywhere, and how about when LL Cool J was a spokesmodel for GAP…wearing FUBU?

HA! What about when John Connor wore a Public Enemy shirt in Terminator 2, or rapper Common was invited to the White House for a poetry reading? Did somebody say Beats by Dre? So no, Hip Hop has NOT destroyed our community. It’s actually kept us pretty entertained. Not to mention some really cool things happened in the process.

Sorry, Mr. Rivera, but if you want to blame Hip Hop for ruining the Black and Brown communities, try again. If anything, Hip Hop has HELPED our communities. Oh, and Mr. Rivera…what have YOU done for us lately?

*takes break*

Ok. All of this was pretty biased…because I love Hip Hop and I understand its roots. I understand what it once was, and I even understand what it is. But before I sign off, I HAVE to acknowledge how incredibly shallow rap music has become. Honestly, I kinda agree with Geraldo a teeny tiny bit. *takes tequila shot*

What has become of Hip Hop culture? Does the music we know and love still exist?

But Mr. Rivera, you are NOT getting off that easy. Let me tell you what HAS damaged the Black and Brown community in the United States. Structural/Institutionalized racism. Poor schools. No health insurance. Injustice. Prejudice. Unequal protection under the law. Biased legislation. Politicians. Marginalizing. Erasure. Bill O’Reilly…David Duke…YOU.

And with that being said, Geraldo, you aren’t qualified to speak on the matter. So have a nice day.

What do you think Kool Kidz? Is Geraldo right after all?


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