New York Fashion Week: Kanye’s Fashion Line…Ye or Nay?


This hasn’t been a good two weeks for Kanye. He’s acted an ASS at the Grammy’s once again, and now, he’s put out a fashion line that almost nobody likes. Including me. Now normally, I’m a Kanye fan. I’m the first to run to his aide when he’s gotten a little out of control. Personally, I’ve always felt he was a misunderstood musical genius. But today, I surrender. There’s no way I can defend his constant assault on other artists, or his horrible attempt to step into the wonderful world of haute couture.

Last night, at New York Fashion week, Kanye debuted his Adidas collection in front of the likes of Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine), Russell Simmons, P. Diddy, Alexander Wang, and more.

Here’s my three cents:

The collection is bad. Real bad. Would never wear it anywhere. Unless of course, I wanted to go dumpster diving one day, or needed a really expensive “New Jack City” Halloween costume. It was crazy looking, and I couldn’t believe that the clothes were actually being displayed at fashion week. And if these items are priced at anything above $10, then it’s just a complete ripoff.

With that being said, I DO give Kanye props for never being afraid to step out of the box. I also enjoyed his very diverse group of models.







Blah. I’ve actually worn better to the gym. But never mind my opinion. Surprisingly, Vogue, in an online review seemed relatively impressed with the sportswear line.

They pointed out fact that Kanye had managed to persuade Adidas to drop their signature three stripe logo from his designs, something that had never before been achieved by their previous collaborators.

Here’s an excerpt from the website:
‘Hems were raw and frayed, tops billowy, bottoms either skintight to slide into newly unveiled suede stiletto boots or cinched and ready to be tucked into aforementioned Boosts.

‘There were immaculate flak vests and officer sweaters that looked like they’ve actually taken shrapnel, and everything was said to be unisex. 

Concluding: ‘On display, in rigid lines of expressionless youth, it was at the very least satisfyingly instigative for a line of sportswear.’

Well, *rests chin in palms*…you know what I’m impressed with? I’m impressed with the fact that Vogue could muster up those words. How incredibly KIND of them! In fact, they are the winners of the “Say Something Nice” contest! Bravo Vogue Magazine! EYE (I) am impressed!
Lifestyle blog Refinery29, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy the presentation as much:
“In terms of the collection itself, things weren’t as revolutionary—or ‘pavement-cracking’—as promised. It was a lineup of oversized jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and leggings, interspersed with Vanessa Beecroft-esque nude-colored underwear. A camo parka that Kim Kardashian also wore was a highlight, and we thought the oversized backpack was a clever accessory that’ll probably make it into a healthy stack of editorials.”
Don’t worry Kanye. None of our opinions really matter, anyway. As long as your ride or die chic Kim K loves your clothes. And from the looks of this pic, she absolutely does.
Well, never mind. She doesn’t look entirely thrilled. But maybe she really is enjoying herself.
Kanye, who can never resist an opportunity to talk about how revolutionary he is, had this to say to his audience:
‘I want to create something better for you

‘I’m here to crack the pavement and make new ground.

‘There’s a lack of creativity in every field…people are afraid to create. I want people to think awesome is possible.’

Honestly, I think my favorite part of the show was when North West started crying and Beyonce looked away, and Anna Wintour leaned so far to the left, it looked as if she’d fall out of her chair.
What can I say? One thing we can’t deny about Kanye is that he just doesn’t give up, and he certainly has a Ph.D in not giving a f*ck. Honestly, I kinda feel for the guy because I know what it feels like to be an artist. To have so many thoughts and ideas. But for the average person, I think this clothing line was a complete fail. When we first saw it, I think most of us just sat around looking like this:
What do you think of Kanye’s collection? Ye or Nay?

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